California State University, Long Beach

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), known as “The Beach”, offers students the natural beauty and climate of Southern California in a safe, suburban environment and the rich cultural offerings of the greater Los Angeles region. More than 3,000 international students from 100 different countries already call CSULB home. CSULB provides an exceptional student experience through nationally recognized academic programs and personalized support services. Students at The Beach benefit from dedicated and award-winning faculty mentors on a campus that emphasizes research, student success, and creative activity. Surrounded by the best that Southern California has to offer, CSULB is an ideal place to live, learn, and discover!

Student Demographics

Undergraduate Ethnicity
Ethnicity Number Percentage
African-American 1,188 4.1%
Asian-American 6,888 23.5%
White 7,410 25.3%
Latino/Hispanic 9,544 32.6%
Native-American/Alaskan Native 194 0.7%
2 or more races 821 2.8%
Unknown/Other 1,928 6.6%
Visa, Non-Citizen 1,318 4.5%
Total 29,291 100%


Graduate/Post Bac. Ethnicity
Ethnicity Number Percentage
African-American 293 5.2%
Asian-American 975 17.5%
White 1,748 31.3%
Latino/Hispanic 1,279 22.9%
Native-American/Alaskan Native 88 1.6%
2 or more races 157 2.8%
Unknown/Other 667 11.9%
Visa, Non-Citizen 377 6.8%
Total 5,584 100%


Undergraduate Enrollment Status
Enrollment Women Men Both
Full-Time 14,404 10,223 24,627
Part-Time 2,626 2,038 4,909
Total 16,243 11,195 4,664
Mean Age 22.4 22.8 22.6


Graduate / Post Bac. Enrollment Status
Enrollment Women Men Both
Full-Time 1,733 1,017 2,750
Part-Time 1,719 1,115 2,834
Total 3,452 2,132 5,584
Mean Age 31.0 31.1 31.1

ESL program and/or support services

Established in 1984, the American Language Institute (ALI) at California State University, Long Beach has provided quality international programs with our professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic faculty and staff or more than 25 years. The ALI is located on the safe and beautiful California State University, Long Beach campus. ALI offers Intensive English Program (semester program), Prep Program (6-week program) and Practical English Program (3-week summer program) and other customized special programs. ALI assists students with application to the university, housing and general campus life during the student’s stay with the program.

Student Housing options

CSULB on-campus housing
Off-campus housing
Homestay for ESL students (limited availability)

Admission requirements for first year and transfer students

First-time freshman (first year): above average grades required
Transfer: depending on the major

Cost of attendance and financial assistance for more detailed fee information.

International students are not eligible for financial aid, but they may qualify for merit-based scholarships.