Mission College


Mission College is a community college located in the heart of Silicon Valley. At Mission, students can earn an Associate degree, complete the first 60+ units of your Bachelor degree, earn units to transfer to university, study ESL to improve English.

International Student visas issued

F-1 visas are issued.

Cost of attendance and financial assistance

Find more information about attendance and financial assistance here.

Scholarship opportunities

Mission College has scholarships dedicated to international students only: $500 new student scholarships, two to three Carol Qazi International Student Scholarships ($500-$1000 each) annually, and three to five Associated Student Government Scholarships ($500-$800 each) annually. International students are eligible for other scholarships available to all students.

Internship opportunities

Mission College provides support to international students prepare for and apply to internship positions. Some of the past examples of internships include SLAC National Lab at Stanford (link), Stanford Hospital, Accounting Office, and Hospitality industry.

Student activities and campus life

Our international students actively participate in clubs, campus activities and events, and Associated Student Government at the college.