Study California Scholarship

The Study California Scholarship will be awarded each fall to five international students planning to continue at a Study California member institution. The amount of each award will vary from year-to-year but will be $1,000.00 per student. The scholarship is not renewable. Only students who have not yet been awarded the Study California Scholarship are eligible. The award will be in the form of a check made payable to the student and is intended to be used for educational purposes (tuition, fees, books, supplies). Scholarship recipients will be notified no later than December 31st and awards will be disbursed shortly afterward after verification of full-time enrollment. Scholarship recipients will be chosen on the basis of academic ability, financial need, and leadership qualities. Please contact Study California by email at with any questions.

The application is currently open for Fall, 2020.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Open to international students studying on a F1 student visa intending to continue full-time in a degree-seeking program (undergraduate or graduate) at a Study California member institution.
  2. Scholarship applicants must have a minimum cumulative/overall GPA of 3.0 in their most recent academic program (click here for a GPA calculator).

Instructions For Applicants

Complete your online application, below, no later than December 18th, 2020.

Name (first, last)


Your Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd)


Study California member institution you've been accepted to

Grade Point Average from current institution (use calculator here)

Upload one recommendation letter on letterhead stationery, signed and in English from a teacher or counselor (former or current). The letter should provide specific examples and details of your academic and personal qualities and should include the recommender's contact information.

Upload copies of all official transcripts/mark sheets from your most recent academic program that include all courses taken, grades received, and diplomas earned. If your transcripts are in a language other than English, please submit certified translations in addition to the original transcripts. Please note that you will need to scan your transcripts and upload them to the website as a single document.

Upload a copy of the biographical page of your passport.

Upload proof of admission to a Study California member institution on official university letterhead.

Upload your responses to each of the following short-answer prompts. Please be specific and honest in your responses. Each response must be 250 words or less.

Academic and extracurricular achievements:

List your outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements (i.e. awards, honors, scholarships, special recognitions, etc.) received within the past five years. Achievements that demonstrate leadership ability or potential are encouraged.
Please be specific.

Financial Need:

Why do you need financial assistance?
If you are awarded a scholarship, how will you use the money?
Are you currently receiving any other types of financial assistance (scholarships, loans, grants, etc.)?
If yes, please describe it in detail.


Explain your educational and career goals and aspirations. Please be specific.

A complete application will include the following:

  • Recommendation Letter
  • Official transcripts/mark sheets and certified English translations (if applicable)
  • Copy of biographical page of passport
  • Proof of admission
  • Short-answer prompt responses

Incomplete applications will not be considered. If selected to receive a scholarship, you will be asked to submit verification of enrollment and a copy of your F1 student visa.