Internships & Opportunities

An internship gives you invaluable, real-life work experience – all while studying right here in California. No matter what area you’re studying, it’s likely you can find an internship opportunity — either during or after your degree program.

Not only will you gain hands-on experience in your industry, but an internship can help lead to full-time employment outside of the United States, and sometimes within the country.

With California’s diverse economy and range of industries, you can find an internship that matches your interests. Here are just a few areas to consider:

Technology: several of the top tech companies in the world are located in California; many of them in Silicon Valley near San Francisco

Agriculture: the state is the nation’s largest producer of dairy products and the world’s fifth largest supplier of food and agricultural products

Entertainment: the film industry is centered in Los Angeles

Other: education, government, health, manufacturing, professional and technical services, real estate, trade, transportation, and utilities sectors are also flourishing

In the United States, some internships are paid and others are unpaid. But even with an unpaid internship, you gain priceless experience that will continue to benefit you long into the future.

Once you’ve started your education in California, your school’s student or career advising center can help you find an internship that matches your goals.

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