Weather & Climate

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What is your favorite climate?

Great news! No matter what you prefer — from warm sunny days, to winter snow, to moderate coastal temperatures — you’ll find the perfect weather & climate to enhance your experience while studying in California.

Here are some general climate guidelines.

Coastal regions:

The ocean helps to moderate temperatures, keeping them generally consistent throughout the year. Fog can be common especially in the mornings, and San Francisco is actually foggiest in the summer!

Southern regions:

These areas typically have a Mediterranean climate, with slightly rainy winters and dry summers. They also have warmer average temperatures than central and northern areas.

Northern regions:

This region generally has a moderately oceanic climate and typically receives higher annual rainfall amounts than southern portions of the state. Areas further inland have more Continental climates, becoming more arid with hot summers and cold winters.

Here’s a look at average weather in three California cities, from north to south: San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles.

Northern California: San Francisco

December: high 58 / low 47

June: high 67 / low 53

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Golden Gate Bridge at night in San Francisco California
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Central Coast: San Luis Obispo

December: high 65 / low 42

June: high 76 / low 51

Southern California: Los Angeles

December: high 68 / low 49

June: high 79 / low 62

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The Hollywood sign on the hills outside Los Angeles, California