University of California, Berkeley Summer Sessions

From a group of academic pioneers in 1868 to the Free Speech Movement in 1964, UC Berkeley is a place where the brightest minds from across the globe come together to explore, ask questions and improve the world.

About the institution

Berkeley Summer Sessions offers more than 600 courses each summer, in a wide variety of disciplines. Courses are offered over seven different sessions of varying lengths—the first session usually begins towards the end of May, and all sessions have ended by mid-August.

Several special programs are available to summer students, including programs for incoming freshmen and transfer students, summer study abroad and international and domestic internships, and pre-college programs for high school students. Enrollment in courses and applications for programs opens in January/February.

Summer Sessions is part of the Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, and Lifelong Learning division, which is under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor of Undergraduate Education.

 Student demographics

More than 16,000 students attend UC Berkeley in the summer, and more than 5000 of those students are visitors (non-UC Berkeley students).

 ESL program and/or support services

The Berkeley campus and San Francisco Bay Area community offer a stimulating environment for students interested in improving their English. Known for its academic excellence, creativity, and innovative thinking, Berkeley is a perfect choice for summer study.

Courses in the Summer English Language Studies program are appropriate for intermediate through advanced students who want to enhance their English language skills, improve job performance, or undertake university work. Learn more at

 Student Housing Options

Student Housing Options

Admission requirements for first-year and transfer students

Berkeley Summer Sessions is one of the largest and most exciting summer programs in the United States, and open to visiting students in the summer. Over 600 courses are offered as well as a pre-college program, certificates, and programs for new admits. Summer Sessions lets you accelerate your learning while experiencing the academic rigor Berkeley is renowned for.

 International Student visas issued

University of California, Berkeley Summer Sessions can issue F1 and J1 visas and provide immigration counseling as appropriate.

Cost of attendance and financial assistance

Internships are available through the Global Internships Program.

Student activities and campus life

Summer is a vibrant time on the Berkeley campus, and students enjoy a wide variety of activities depending on the courses or program they are participating in. Berkeley is located just 25 minutes from downtown San Francisco and within an hour of most local attractions including national parks, museums, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.